Account Section

     For smooth functioning of Account Section of our college the following duties are assigned  to the staff :-

    1. Mr. Kshirsagar D.P.
  1. 1) Budget finalization for each year.
  2. 2) Obtain budget from each department and consolidate.
  3. 3) Prepare file for each year budget.
  4. 4) Forward final budget to Corporate.
  5. 5) As per budget, forward the details of expenditure of each dept. alongwith connected purchase documents and cheque to be forwarded for sanction of payment.
  6. 6) Prepare purchasing files for each dept. for each year.
  7. 7) Ensure purchased items have been taken on charge and entered in Dead Stock Register of respective department.
  8. 8) Advances for function/events to be obtained from dept and forwarded for sanction.  After sanctioned & obtained amount, the amount will be given as per requirement of dept.  Keep watch on advance and after completion of events the advance will be cleared along with expenditure details.  File to be prepared for each events.
  9. 9)Fee receipts to be entered in excel sheet day to day.
  10. 10) Supervision on daily cash receipts/Bank payment and Bank reconciliation.
  11. 11) Details for increase in tuition fees to be worked out for Shikshan Shulka Samitee.
  12. Mr. Karande Nitin R.
  1. 1) Weekly budget to be prepared as per Corporate instructions.
  2. 2) Any type of refund amount of students.  Documents for the same to be prepared as per instructions and forwarded for sanction.
  3. 3) Payment of examination fees to University of Pune
  4. 4) Payment of deposit to DTE Mumbai/AICTE.
  5. 5) Cancellation of DD/Cheques.

Mr. Patil

  1. 1) Monthly payment of all teaching and Non-teaching staff.
  2. 2) Increment/increase in pay to be given in each month as per orders.
  3. 3)P.F. details to be maintained for all staff.
  4. 4) Application for P.F. from each eligible staff to be forwarded for sanction.  Files to be prepared year wise.
  5. 5) Salary sheet for each month to be prepared and signature of the individual to be obtained.
  6. 6) Income Tax details , Form 16, TDS of all eligible staff to be prepared.
  1. Mr. Kokate M. U.
  1. 1) Daily updation of students fees and scholarship/free ship receipts in excel sheet
  2. 2) Fee balance from student to be worked out daily and informed to HOD for further info to student for early clearance.
  3. 3) Daily report regarding fee collection to Corporate.
  4. 4) Follow up the fee dues from DTE which was paid by the student during CAP admission.
  1. 5) Info students regarding increase in tuition fees if required.


All staff to ensure that the information which is required to be forwarded to Corporate office should be informed to the Principal.

     1) Check list for each document which is to be forwarded to Corporate for sanction is to be prepared.

     2) All receipt books, payment vouchers, correspondence files and old files to be kept year wise and subject wise.


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