We rangabhumians represent our college in various intercollege drama, natya vachan and street play competitons and bring pride and glory to the college.

Vartul : A hugely appreciated drama in one of the most prestigious competitions of pune “Purushottam Karandak”.

⦁ Gaalper : A drama which engraved the name of RSCOE as the first college from pcmc to write it’s name in the top 9 colleges of Firodiya Karandak. And we earned the following awards
⦁ Second Best Actor to Pratik Kadlag
⦁ Best Costumes to Varun Muley
⦁ Second Best Choregraphy to Bhagyasgree Choudhary and Akshaykumar Mande
⦁ Best Oil-Painting Aishwarya Pawar.

Ladhisha : Once again Rajarshi Shahu College Of Engineering, secured a top 15 position in Firodiya Karandak. The point which made us shine amongst the others was the issue “ Life of a Kashmiri Pandit”.

Vaat : The drama which gave goossebumps to the audience and spine chilling dialouges.
Vaat was our first venture in the natya-wachan competitions. The drama won us many awards including :
⦁ Third best Drama
⦁ Best Lights to Pranav Kharate in Savitri Bai Phule Pune University Karandak.
⦁ Second Best Acting Award in Bharat Karandak to Bharat Choudhary.
This Drama was relived once again for our loving audinces by performing a Professional show.

Amraa : Rajarshi Shahu roared back into the competition with this play,
the only college from entire PCMC to secure top 15 in the Firodiya Karandak. This play brought us huge glory with:
⦁ Best Unique Remarkable Acting to Tejas Kulkarni.
⦁ Third Best Set Design Award to Saurabh tutare and team.

Hip Hoppers

The dance crew of our college has been participating in various intercollege events and has achieved glorious success in these competitions.

Achievements :
⦁ V.I.T
⦁ M.I.T University
⦁ Flame University
⦁ ASM Chinchwad
⦁ SIMC Lavale
⦁ SIT Lavale
⦁ National Insurance Academy
⦁ Sai-Balaji Institute.
⦁ ALLANA Institute.
⦁ Symbiosis Law College Lohagaon.
⦁ Kaveri Group of Institute.
Apart from group dance competitions Hiphoppers have also participated in solo’s as well as duet dance and achieved the following awards:
⦁ Bhartiya Vidyapeeth.
⦁ ISBM college.
⦁ BJ Medical College.


Our college’s Rock band ZIRYAB has been participating in various intercollege band competitions and has achieved success in competitions like COEP, MIT, I2IT cultural festivals. The band was selected in talent hunt, organized by Red FM.and performed on Red FM. Ziryab also performed at Thespo youth festival.

Arts and Crafts

Where every brush stroke has a deeper meaning , our students at the rajarshi shahu college of engineering have a hunger to venture their skies of imagination. Hence the art and craft team. From the horizons of Neptune to the tiniest drop of water in the desert, our children love to take a deeper look into issues and paint away their feelings on paper. Feelings, emotions which have a power to induce change. Imagination, Creativity, Passion. All in a stroke.

Writer's club

“ By the window she sat, and scribbled away what the raindrops had to say” Calm and composed as they are, the writers at our art circle have a distinct identity of their own, aura which would amaze anybody. words which would make you smile, giggle , cry or just leave you lost in thoughts. R.S.C.O.E’s writing team has proved their metal in At COEP ‘IMPRESSIONS’ an intercollege cultural fest, Tanmay Nankar, presented his poetry on devotion and relationship between humans and god. He was encouraged by the judges and appreciated too.

Backstage Team

To build a castle of icecubes is what would best describe the backstage team, A bad craftsman blames his tools, well these craftmen support the team with the best possible stage, set and properties. Backstage team has the most tedious job in the drama world. From documentation to set designing, transportation to technical assistance. All this, using the scarce resources in hand and optimally using the knowledge gained in engineering and management.

Other Activites

What the art circle provides is a platform for us to rise and shine, a sneek-peak of experiences in various performing and creative arts. Many chose the life filled with art to sooth the soul and walk-on on the paths of life, A few dare to venture out beyond these paths. Building a career in performing and creative arts. Some of our seniors who are making us proud in the industry are : ⦁ Morya Song Launch :- Lyrics and composed by Ganesh Shilawant and in the melodious voice of Shubham Jadhav. The Rezonance studio helped us in recording. The song was launched in our college R.S.C.O.E. Well appreciated on YouTube by viewers. Click Here for the Morya Song

⦁ Short film ‘BLOCK’

Under the direction of Tushar Ranavare, our student Pratik Kadlak performed as a lead actor in his short film BLOCK. The short film is going through post-processing.