1. 1) Books are the property of College.
  2. 2) Keep silence.
  3. 3) Keep your bags on property counter.
  4. 4) Students and faculty members are members of library.
  5. 5) Students can issue two books for one week.
  6. 6) Books will be issued to Library card holder.
  7. 7) Books may be reissue if there is no claim on it.
  8. 8) A fine of Re.1- per day and per book will be charged on expiry of return date.
  9. 9) Student has to get the copy of   lost book.
  10. 10) Online reissue is permitted only during preparatory period.
  11. 11) Only back issues of journals will be issue   outside.
  12. 12) Do not damage the book in any form.
  13. 13) No reference books will be issued.
  14. 14) In case of loss of library card inform librarian immediately.
  15. 15) Books issued need to be returned before proceeding for vacation.
  16. 16) Students need to communicate if any change in contact details.
  17. 17) Library clearance is must to block the membership.
  18. 18) Outside students and faculty need to take permission of the principal for using library.
  19. 19) Management and principal reserves incidental right.



  1. 1) Maintain silence in the reading room.
  2. 2) I card is must for using reading hall.
  3. 3) Keep your bags in property counter.
  4. 4) Make the entry for using reading hall
  5. 5) During college hours students need to take permission from HOD for using reading Hall.
  6. 6) No eatables are allowed inside the library.
  7. 7) Keep your cell phone on silent mode to maintain sanctity of Library.
  8. 8) Students will be asked to leave library for any indiscipline on their part.


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