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Mr.Ashish S. Jadhav



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Control system /communication

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication
The Electronics and Telecommunication is the field, connected not only with radio, telephone, television,
microprocessor based systems, etc. which are the nerve centers of most of the industrial operations, but
also in military communications, Entertainment, domestic utilities etc.
The Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department was established in 2012-2013. The
Department has intake of 60 students. Mr.Ashish S. Jadhav is the Head of Department supported by well
qualified & experienced staff.
The Strength of the department is fully equipped laboratories. The department arranges seminars,
workshops from industry experts for staff as well as for students and also organizes industrial visits for
students. Bearing in mind the fast rate of obsolescence in the field of computers and electronics, every
effort is being made by the department to train the students in the latest developments by giving them
additional courses.

To satisfy the aspirations of youth force who want to lead the nation towards prosperity through
techno economic development.

To provide, nurture and maintain an environment of high academic excellence, research and
entrepreneurship for all aspiring students which will prepare to face global challenges
maintaining high ethical and moral standards.
Short Term Goals:
To inculcate effective communication skills, teamwork spirit, professional ethics and social
attitude in students.
Long Term Goals:
To produce competent and cultured Electronics and Telecommunication engineers by imparting
attitude, knowledge and skills through quality education to serve the needs of society.
Strengths of department:
o 1) We provide sound foundation in mathematics, basic science and fundamentals of
E&TC engineering to the students.
o 2) Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
o 3) Project based learning through well-defined teaching learning process.


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Prof. Ashish S. Jadhav
Head of Department

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